Friday, October 23, 2009

Install Silverlight to VS 2008

Purpose : This blog describes steps that I followed to install silver light and RAD Silver light to Visual Studio 2008. There are numerous fixes and patches available to help out for each case from Microsoft itself. These steps are just brief to those fixes that Microsoft has suggested in their website.

Steps/fixes involved are detailed below

1. Install Windows 2003 fresh copy. About 40 GB is best for performance and useful for buffering the Visual studio tools and fixes temporarily (They will be deleted once the installation is over. These files won’t be deleted, if there is any abnormal termination and hence have to be manually deleted from windows\installer folder). It is best to keep all files and fixes in c: itself. Most fixes have no option to install in custom directories, so it is best to have all applications installed to C drive itself.
2. Install Windows 2003 SP1. SP1 is necessary for Visual Studio 2008 as pre-requests. The trouble is SP1 will install Frame work 2.0 and do some configurations. If this is installed, we need to undo it before you proceed with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 fixes.
3. Install Visual Studio 2008. Make sure you read this document link before you do install Visual Studio 2008 for known bugs and there are fixes for each issue.
4. Do not install SQL server separately before Visual Studio 2008 or any products which has any of the components from Visual Studio 2008
5. Now it is time for installing service pack for 2008 . You need to get it prepared using “Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack Preparation Tool” . The file name is VS2008-PatchRemovalTool-x86.exe.
6. Once the preparation is done. It is best to apply Frame work 3.5 SP1 before we applying 2008 SP1 itself. I had troubles with 2008 SP1 when I installed directly and progress bar simply did not move further. The 3.5 Frame work SP1 is available as a single file at . You can also get an installer to do this from MS itself.
7. It is finally time to install Visual Studio 2008 SP1. I did not get a direct file for SP1. Crashes in between keeps filling up your hard disk space as I noted. The download and install would take something about 1 hour depending on your band width and processor.
8. After 2008 SP1 it is good time to start installing Silver Light tools and silver light
9. Telerik RAD for silver light can follow.
It worked for me but I am sure there would be better ways to do this. Thanks San

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